EICC Can Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

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Whether you’re a student trying to find the right major or preparing to graduate, or someone already out in the world of work, it’s always a good idea to build the right habits and skills for a lifetime of professional success.

Career Services at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges can help you assess your skills and interests for a particular career field, connect you with local employers and help you develop the “soft skills” employers are looking for when hiring.

Wide Range of Services

Our staff members in Career Services can offer help in the following areas:

  • Cover letters and resume writing
  • Completing job applications
  • Interview techniques
  • Job-search reference material
  • Online career assessment

Each can be a key skill set, depending on where you are in the career process.

Develop All Your Skills

Career ServicesMarcusH_ams

Marcus Harris, CCC Career Services, meets with students about their career plans.

“Your college experience offers a great opportunity to build not only your specific career-related skills, but the work ethic, attitude and communication skills that are crucial for success in all aspects of your life,” notes Marcus Harris, Career Services staff member at Clinton Community College. These “soft skills” are often what set you apart from other job candidates and make you stand out as a new employee. Time management, accountability for your actions, working well in teams, problem solving and showing initiative all contribute positively to how you are perceived by other people. “Employers are looking for individuals with skills that will contribute positively to their organizations . . . and they are all behaviors you can start working on right now,” adds Marcus.

More Options

Your Career Service office can help you access www.collegecentral.com/eicc, a website that helps you build your resume, learn about current career advice and match your skills to many jobs available in Iowa and other states.

Career Assessment

Career assessment tools are designed to match your natural skills, strengths and abilities with key components of specific careers. They can then point to careers that might fit you and your interests and help you translate your education into a successful professional path. Here is a list of the tools available and links to their websites:


Here are some basic Job Search Tips:


  • Include a typed cover letter with your resume.
  • Address the letter to a specific person, and spell name correctly.
  • Use correct grammar and spelling; check for typographical errors.
  • Be concise; use action words.
  • Use a three paragraph format.
    • Introduction – How you found out about the position.
    • Sales – Zero in on the qualifications you have that the employer is seeking.
    • Close – Ask for an interview. Tell them how they may contact you.


  • Take your time completing the job application; make sure it is legible and that you’ve filled in all necessary information.
  • Have all dates of employment and names of employers/supervisors.
  • Be honest.


  • Learn about the company prior to your interview date.
  • Practice responding to typical questions.
  • Take a list of references with you.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early and alone.
  • Greet the interviewer by name, smile, shake hands, make eye contact.


  • Send a brief, typed thank you letter.
  • Evaluate the interview to improve your technique.
  • If you haven’t heard, inquire about the status of the position.

Find more tips on the EICC website at eicc.edu/careerservices

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