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Upgrade your job skills at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.

We have what you need:
• Programs in fields experiencing job growth
• Faculty and staff who care about your success
• Affordable tuition, including a special program!

Reduced tuition for NEW students taking an evening class
New students who register for an evening class this summer or fall term will receive a 50% tuition discount on that initial class!  This reduction is available for any evening class with a start time of 5 p.m. or after and that has official campus-based meeting times.  A ‘new student’ is a student who is first-time enrolled with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges post graduation.  For more information,visit

BRIDGE Orientation Helps You Transition to College!
To help create the best experience possible for new students, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges offer BRIDGE orientation – a great way to prepare you for success as you enter college.  You’ll learn about college services, financial aid, degrees and transfers, take a campus tour and meet with an advisor to develop your academic degree plan and register for classes.  For more information, visit

Summer Sessions Start June 1 and June 29
Online Summer Sessions Start May 25, June 8 and July 6
Visit for class information.
Fall Classes Start August 24.

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