EICC Success Story: Pantelis Korovilas

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EICC_works_pantelis“I Gained the Skills I Needed to Start Working Right Away in My Chosen Field”


Pantelis Korovilas

Pantelis Korovilas now hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts – near MIT. He is the Lead Product Designer for the iOS travel application known as Hopper and is also working for the mobile product Whittl. “On a daily basis, I work with start-up CEO’s, developers, project managers, business analysts and data scientists to create elegant and user-friendly mobile apps that hundreds of people use every day all over the world,” explains Pantelis. He got his start in the Graphic Design program at Clinton Community College. “My classes at CCC played a big part in getting me where I am today. When I entered the Graphic Arts program, I was young, naïve and lacking any formal training,” he says. “By the time I graduated, I had the building blocks to help move myself forward: technical training on software, design programs and computer languages, professional experience through two internships and more.” Pantelis eventually transferred to ISU where he completed his Bachelor’s degree. “My very first year at ISU, I landed a part-time job as a designer for the university, and I can thank my time at CCC for preparing me to start earning and learning in my chosen field even while I was still pursing that degree,” he adds. And all of that experience paid off. “I walked away from college with new skills, professional experience, mentors and supporters – and I have CCC to thank,” notes Pantelis. “Work hard, keep building on what you know today and stay hungry for more.”

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