Returning to College? Ease the transition

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When adults need to re-tool for a new career, community colleges are the ultimate resource. To make the most of a return to the classroom, try these tips:

Don’t worry about your age. Many students will be “non-traditional” students (over the age of 25) and most are juggling jobs, families, and other responsibilities just like you.

Make a beeline to the college Advising office.Advisors can help chart your academic and financial course of action. They can walk you through the process of registering for classes, financial aid, online options, parking and more.

Assess your skills. Do you need tutoring, a refresher on computer skills, or remedial courses? Our staff can help you with those decisions and make referrals to college resources.

Study the demands of the local economy, and how to maximize the earning potential of what you’re good at.  A college degree always has value to employers.

As important as your marketability is, you should pursue what you love. Interest in a job is as important as your ability to do it. EICC has a wide variety of career programs for you to choose from.  We can also help you determine your career interest.

Identify your support system. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your goals.

Consider the learning options.  EICC offers online courses, short term training, evening classes, hybrid classes (on-site combined with online learning).  We can help you plan around your work and family schedule to find a program and a course of study that will work for you.

We can help you get started!

Our Advisors are happy to help you with questions and get you moving in a positive direction on the path to your college degree.  Eastern Iowa Community Colleges offer a quality education at an affordable cost – all in an environment that supports you and your unique learning needs.  For more information, please contact us:

Clinton Community College
1000 Lincoln Boulevard
Clinton, IA   52732
(563) 244-7000

Muscatine Community College
152 Colorado Street
Muscatine, IA  52761
(563) 288-6000

Scott Community College
500 Belmont Road
Bettendorf, IA  52722
(563) 441-4000

Options For Adult Basic Education

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges provide a number of programs for adults to brush up on reading, math, writing and English.

These programs include Adult Learning and High School Equivalency (formerly GED).  Classes are offered at Clinton, Muscatine, Davenport, Columbus Junction, Maquoketa and West Liberty.

Adult Basic Education or ABE classes develop reading, writing, speaking and math skills. Programming is designed to help anyone 17 years of age or older not enrolled in high school to take the steps necessary toward passing the High School Equivalency Test and beyond.

Students wanting to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma will need to attend Intro to HiSET. Intro to HiSET is an informational session that gives an overview of the program. Students will schedule a time to take an assessment of their reading and math skills. The results from the orientation will help the faculty and staff  develop individual programs of study for students to guide them toward their personal academic goals.

How does the High School Equivalency program work?

  • Attend an orientation
  • Take placement assessments
  • Classes – your scores will determine the length of your class schedule (it will take at a minimum of 6 to 12 weeks)
  • Retake Placement Assessments – your scores will show us if our classes are helping you achieve your goals
  • Post-tests – These tests are required for each subject prior to taking the actual High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)
  • HiSET Exam – HiSET is the official name for the High School Equivalency Test

For more information, visit 

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