Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students – A Smart Choice!

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EICC_concurrent_enrollment“Concurrent enrollment” through Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) offers area high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and ease the transition to college. Classes allow students to experience the expectations of college coursework before they ever set foot on a college campus. This spring semester, 3000+ area high school students are taking concurrent enrolled classes with EICC.

Earning credit through concurrent enrollment at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges has many positive outcomes – whether students are looking to enter the workforce, earn an Associate’s degree or go on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree or beyond.

Although students can transfer credits to colleges throughout the area, there are some key reasons why continuing their education at EICC keeps the advantages stacking up:

  • Formal transfer agreements make it easy for students to transfer credits when they move on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.
  • EICC’s  more than 30 career technology programs are designed to lead into the world of work. Relationships with local employers ensure that students are receiving the training required in today’s work environment AND provide internship opportunities.
  • Personal attention from faculty and staff provide students with support and motivation.
  • Affordable tuition, combined with scholarships and financial aid, results in many students graduating debt free.

“All students that enroll in concurrent programming are benefiting in many ways, but five  areas stand out,” notes Dr. Daniel C. Marvin, Dean of Concurrent Enrollment and Career Technical Education for EICC.

1. Students completing concurrent courses are receiving a head start in career planning. It allows them to explore career areas and better understand the expectations of those career areas.

2. Concurrent students build confidence. Through concurrent enrollment, students  meet the same expectations as traditional college students. This helps them be more prepared for being successful when they enter college. It also leads to a greater likelihood of graduating with an Associate’s Degree in two years and a Bachelor’s degree in four years.

3. Students work with college advisors at EICC to develop an academic plan. These advisors also provide support in choosing a college major, connecting the student to resources, help with study skills, and sharing ways to get involved on campus.

4. Completing college requirements in high school saves on upcoming college costs (fees for concurrent courses are paid by the student’s school districts), and also gives them greater flexibility as a full-time college student.  This can mean the opportunity to pursue additional majors or participate in internships or study abroad.

5. Concurrent students are able to apply for exclusive scholarships from EICC through the Connections Scholarship.  (See more in boxed article to the right)

“A student should sit down with their college advisor and explore his or her areas of interest,” suggests Dr. Marvin.  “This will help them have a firm foundation for moving forward with concurrent courses.”

For more information on why Eastern Iowa Community Colleges should be your first choice for a college education, visit **.


Eastern Iowa Community Colleges CONNECTIONS Scholarships

Developed exclusively for our successful concurrent enrolled high school seniors that attend one of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges after high school graduation, the CONNECTIONS scholarship offers three levels:

1. Level 1 – ½ tuition scholarship for the first two semesters with EICC after high school graduation

Criteria: 3.0 EICC college GPA with a minimum of 12 college credits earned while in high school

2. Level 2 – One free 3-credit class each semester for the first two semesters with EICC after high school graduation

Criteria: 2.5 EICC college GPA – must have a minimum of 6 college credits while in high school

3. Level 3 – One free 3-credit class for your first semester with EICC after high school graduation

Criteria: 2.5 EICC college GPA – must have at least 5 college credits earned while in high school

The single page application is easy to complete.  For more information on the CONNECTIONS scholarship, visit

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