Is a Career in Information Technology Right for You?

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The most positive thing about a career in Information Technology (IT) is that there are many areas of specialization – so you can find a niche that fits your unique skills and interests.

ITarticleoption2If you already use your computer (or other personal device) for doing more than just typing, playing games and casually browsing the web, then you might have the right stuff for a job in IT. If you’re a logical thinker who likes doing research, exploring different ideas, and can get your head around numbers and data, a career in IT can offer you a lot of options. If you have good organizational and communication skills, along with a flair for detail, that will serve you well. A problem solving attitude with a bit of creative flair would also be very beneficial.

“With the explosion of the tech economy, the need for information technology talent has risen,” explains Lori Walljasper, EICC IT Program Director.  Nationally, IT jobs grew 15% between 2010 to 2015 and are expected to grow 9% more by 2020. These jobs offer an influx of career opportunities for both high- and middle-skill workers, and they pay well too (median hourly wage: $40.08). “Today’s IT professional applies practical knowledge and skills in a wide array of areas. Knowledge and skills you can learn and perfect at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC),” she adds. Day or night, weekdays and weekends, in class, online or a hybrid combination, all computer courses at EICC are taught by highly qualified instructors committed to providing you with a competitive edge. “We especially encourage adult learners – those who are looking for a career change or hoping to upgrade their skills to have more employment options – to explore opportunities in IT,” notes Lori.

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EICC offers options within their Information Technology program – students can pursue a Programming or a Networking track and validate their knowledge with industry-recognized certifications which include Microsoft Technology Associate, Comp TIA, Cisco, Oracle and more. Each track offers a ‘core’ of classes and then further concentration options within each track. Just as importantly, students complete a capstone class AND internship as part of the degree training. Both tracks lead to an Associate of Applied Science degree (A.A.S.)

Here’s a quick overview of each core and the concentrations within:

Programming Core: Networking Core:
Intro to Programming Logic Leadership and Professionalism
Visual Basic NET 1 Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Computers Foundations of Information Technology
Math for Liberal Arts Networking 1
Windows Workstation Op Systems Windows Workstation Op Systems
C# TCP/IP Subnetting
Oracle Academy:  Database Design Leadership and Professionalism II
Web Development I Composition I:  Technical Writing
Composition I:  Technical Writing Copper, Fiber and Wireless Connectivity
Living with Space, Time and Tech Networking II
Intro to Network Operating Systems
Concentrations: Concentrations:
Programming Networking
Database Hardware/Help Desk
Web Development Server Administration
Games and Simulations Security and Forensics
Awards: Awards:
Programming Diploma Networking Diploma
Programming (.NET) AAS Networking (CCNA) AAS
Database Administrator AAS Hardware/Help Desk AAS
Web Development AAS Server Administration AAS
Games and Simulations AAS Security and Forensics AAS

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Continuing Education Offerings

Eastern Iowa also has a number of IT-related courses and certifications you can complete or prepare for through our Continuing Education program. This includes everything from Word, Excel, Access, Windows, SQL and much more. You can check out the Continuing Education schedule at

Of special note is the availability of training to get certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist. You can prepare yourself for the free online exams AND potentially use free EICC vouchers to earn the Microsoft Office Specialist certification in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and/or Access for versions 2010 or 2013. For more information, call 563-336-3445.

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