Our Eastern Iowa Communities

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We invite you to celebrate Eastern Iowa Community College’s fifty years of service to our communities spread across Eastern Iowa, from Clinton to Muscatine, Maquoketa to Columbus Junction, and all places in between.


Don Doucette, Chancellor

We actually have a complicated history.  The Eastern Iowa Community College District was formed by the Iowa Legislature, effective January 1, 1966, and that is the date we celebrate.  However, our district was formed by joining together Muscatine Junior College, founded in 1929, with Clinton Junior College, founded in 1946, and Davenport Area Technical School, which combined in 1979 with Palmer Junior College to become Scott Community College.  Together, this family of colleges became the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges by passage of Senate File 550, which also established funding mechanisms and operational rules for Iowa’s 15 community colleges.

So, although we are celebrating 50 years, we have been providing high quality education and training and supporting the economic development and vitality of our communities for much longer.

While we enjoy looking back and celebrating our growth, development and success in the past, we enjoy even more the great things we are doing today, and the exciting prospects we have to look forward to in the future:

We look forward to breaking ground on the construction of the Scott Community College Urban Campus in Downtown Davenport this summer.  We anticipate opening the 80,000 sq. ft. campus, built by renovating historic properties in the heart of downtown, in late 2017.

We look forward to the renovation of the Kahl Building in 2018 into market-rate apartments designed for students and young professionals, along with the renovation of the Capitol Theatre into a multi-purpose movie theater and venue.

We anticipate soon launching major renovation projects for our libraries at Clinton and Muscatine colleges.

We are in discussions to bring an international training program for virtual reality applications development to our Quad Cities campuses to match the newly launch Information Technology Programs in Infrastructure Management and Computer Programming.

We are expanding our economic development efforts as a major service provided to small and medium-size manufacturers through the Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub, and will soon launch a Digital Manufacturing Program.

We will continue our support of business development with Venture School in partnerships with the University of Iowa and our Small Business Development Center.

We continue to support environmental education with programming at the National Science Foundation Advanced Technology Center for Energy and the Environment (ATEEC), and at the expanded Nahant Marsh and newly-acquired Bickelhaupt Arboretum.

All in all, there is so much to look forward to in the next 50 years that we barely have time to look back.

Nonetheless, at our core is our commitment to the success of our students, and to meeting the needs of our business and industry and communities.  We know we will only be as successful as our students, and only as strong as the communities we serve.

We are your community colleges.  We have been for more than 50 years, and we will be for 50 more.  Come celebrate those who have come before us even as we plan more celebrations for the great things we do together.

With great optimism and enthusiasm,

Don Doucette

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