There and Back Again . . . a Tale of Three Admissions Coordinators

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eicc_admissions_coordinatorsThey say lightning never strikes twice. In the case of Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, however, a special kind of lightning has struck three times for a very positive impact for students. All three of EICC’s Admissions Coordinators are successful graduates of the colleges!

Although a great story all on its own, there’s much more than just the common link with their Associate’s degrees. All three share a passion about making students’ college dreams come true. Because they’ve walked down a similar path, they bring a lot of first-hand experience with them when working
with students. They’ve ‘been there’, ‘done that’, and can speak from the heart about what it takes.

Kelsey King – Scott Community College Admissions Coordinator

kelseyidadmissioncoordinatorKelsey graduated from Scott Community College in 2009 with an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences. She then went on to obtain her Bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University. “SCC was first on my list of colleges to attend after high school. I was able to live at home and work while going to school which saved me thousands of dollars,” she says. “My experience with Scott was great. What I liked best were the relationships I developed with faculty, my advisors, and other students. Everyone was helpful and cared about my success,” she adds. She was also pleased that her credits from SCC transferred easily to Western Illinois University. “I found that the courses at Scott were just as interesting and educational as those I took after transferring to WIU. I felt very prepared to move on with my studies there.” The best advice she can give to potential students is to make the time for a campus visit. “Websites and brochures can only tell you so much, so you really need to experience the college first-hand,” she explains. “I enjoy helping students. From orientation to graduation, I can probably anticipate the questions or concerns students may have about coming to college by relating in part to my own experience here.”

Heather Evans – Clinton Community College Admissions Coordinator


Heather Evans (on left)

A 1996 Associate of Arts (Education) graduate from Clinton Community College, Heather was also a recipient of a Paul B. Sharar Foundation scholarship. She went on to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa. When asked what she liked best about CCC, she is quick to answer: student life. “I was in Student Senate, wrote articles for the student newspaper (The Gallery), and made some incredible lifelong friends,” she explains. She remains a strong proponent for student involvement. “I know how important it is to be involved in student life. I can share those experiences with prospective students and help them realize community colleges have an active student life experience that helps prepare them for their next transition,” she adds. “I gained a stronger confidence in myself in my studies while at CCC and that helped me to be a bigger self-advocate in a much larger community at the University of Iowa.” She also tells students the making one of the EICC colleges their first choice is a decision they will not regret. “Make time for a campus visit, ask questions, actively engage with people, and apply for scholarships. We will help you plan a college experience that works for you.”

Elizabeth Medina – Muscatine Community College Admissions Coordinators


Elizabeth Medina (on right)

Elizabeth graduated in 2009 from Muscatine Community College with an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. “I decided to go to MCC, because I knew I could explore my different options, while being able to obtain the credits I needed to graduate with my A.A. I felt right at home and the instructors knew me on a first name basis,” says Elizabeth. “The great part about my decision is that I was able to explore and not feel like I was switching majors all while saving a great amount of money,” she adds. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Western Illinois University – and notes that her transfer experience was very positive. But it wasn’t always that easy. As a first generation college student from a Hispanic family, Elizabeth felt her share of uncertainty about a college education. “I know what it feels like to not know what you want to do. It makes you feel lost. I was a student that thought ‘I can’t do this’,” she explains. “I came to MCC as a quiet student. At the end of my two years, I was much more comfortable sharing my ideas, speaking up in class, and knowing more about myself and what I wanted to accomplish. When I talk now with students that have thoughts like I did, I can connect with them because I understand. I love being able to show how our campus culture and pride makes all of our students feel so encouraged and motivated to work toward their academic success.”

Channeling Their Energy

Between the three of them, these Admissions Coordinators touch the lives and college experiences of literally thousands of students every year. Whether through one-on-meetings to work through an academic plan for a returning student, taking part in dozens of college fairs throughout eastern Iowa and western Illinois, hosting high school students for campus Visit Days as well as visiting them at their schools, or spending hours at community events, Kelsey, Heather and Elizabeth are the friendly faces of EICC for all prospective students.

Their expertise in working with students, parents, faculty, and community members in promoting the value of a college education – and helping students feel confident in their decision-making – is due in large part to their own personal experiences as students with EICC. Each brings a unique perspective to her role. They give great advice because they’ve completed a similar journey and appreciate how the journey is different for everyone. And their positive attitudes are contagious.

“It’s never too late to put one foot forward in the direction you want to go,” muses Elizabeth. “You will find yourself somewhere along the way – it could be taking an elective, attending a campus activity, or being involved in a student organization – when it all clicks and you’ll say ‘I found it. This is for me’.”

For more words of advice from our Admissions Coordinators, take a few minutes to watch a series of “How To” and “College Tips” videos they’ve produced. You’ll find them on our website at   

Call us – we’re happy to help!

admin-coordinators-front-6-17-16Heather Evans, Admissions Coordinator

Clinton Community College
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Elizabeth Medina, Admissions Coordinator
Muscatine Community College
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Kelsey King, Admissions Coordinator
Scott Community College
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