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EICC_adult_learnersYour College – Your Choice

We understand that college for adult learners – whether you’ve attended college in the past or not – is a big step. And one that involves a serious commitment on your part. We want to help you succeed!

One of the best things about a community college education is your ability to choose the learning options that work best for you. Eastern Iowa Community Colleges offer you many ways to ‘customize’ your college experience so it fits your lifestyle and your needs.

We understand there are many potential barriers that can get in the way of pursuing your college dreams, so we work hard to make a quality education as accessible as possible.

“I don’t have the time.”

Adult student 2Working adults interested in re-training or coming back to finish a degree or certificate often need more flexibility – and we’ve got it! Evening, short-term and online classes can fit your schedule. We have a growing number of programs which allow you to complete your certificate, diploma or Associates Degree through career-based programs like: Information Technology, Auto Collision Repair, Welding, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) and other manufacturing-based programs which have evening classes for students who work during the day. We also have degrees which can be completed exclusively online – allowing for complete flexibility with your work schedule.

“I don’t know if there are classes near me.”

We offer classes at 14 different locations, one or more near you. This includes everything from our three main college campuses (one in Clinton, one in Muscatine and one in Bettendorf) to multiple learning sites in downtown and northwest Davenport and sites in Wilton, Maquoketa, Columbus Junction and West Liberty.

“I don’t feel confident about my skills as a student.”

Adult student 1Student tutors and other support services will help you succeed. All new students are carefully assessed for appropriate placement in classes. Our goal is to help you succeed as a student and well beyond. That’s why we have high expectations for the work you will do as a student AND why we have so many programs to support your efforts. One-on-one tutoring, help with study and testing skills, writing labs, student learning communities and more are available for your benefit.

Many adult students overlook their influence on the learning environments they participate in. Often, they bring motivation and maturity to the classroom, and they aren’t afraid to ask questions or seek an instructor’s help. In fact, instructors say that adult students are often the stars of the classroom because of their unique perspective.

“I don’t think I can afford college.”

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges have tuition rates among the lowest in the state of Iowa. Financial aid and scholarships are available, as are payment plan options. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid first (FAFSA). You can find out more at We will guide you through the process to file the FAFSA through which you can qualify for grants, a low interest loan or other assistance. Then, look to EICC’s Financial Assistance and Scholarship Office for information on upcoming scholarships that may apply to you.

A great first step is to connect with an EICC advisor to review your goals, challenges, and educational plans. Call us toll free at 1-888-336-3907 to set up an appointment.

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