The Economic Impact of Being THE Community’s College

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EICC_economic_impactReaching Past Our Visible Boundaries

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is proud to be THE Community’s College for our students – those seeking degrees or other credentials and those simply pursuing lifelong learning for personal enrichment. We serve more than 40,000 students each year.

Economicimpact1But did you know those same students – and our faculty, staff, and alumni – also serve our local communities when it comes to creating a positive impact on the economy? A recent report generated by Emsi, labor market advisors to leaders in higher education, business, and community development, shows that in Fiscal Year 2014-15, operations spending of Iowa’s community colleges, together with the spending from their students and alumni, generated $5.4 billion in added income to the Iowa economy. Yes, that’s billion – with a ‘b’. This additional income is equivalent to supporting 107,170 jobs. That’s pretty impressive!

Colleges have always focused on providing students with the education they need to reach their individual potential as well as their career goals. According to the Iowa Department of Education, almost 30 percent of all credit awards granted by 93 Iowa postsecondary institutions were issued by the 15 Iowa community colleges in 2015-16. That is more than the number issued by the state’s public four-year universities and also above the national percentage.

This in turn supplies area employers with workers to make their businesses more productive. It also creates increased tax revenues and public savings stemming from a reduced demand for social services. Finally, for all of us, it improves our quality of life through residents who are better employed, healthier, and more civically responsible.

Economicimpact4It is estimated that 81 percent of students remain in Iowa after finishing their time at Iowa’s community colleges where they continue to work, buy goods and services, purchase homes, and raise their families. The Emsi report shows that for every dollar invested in an education from Iowa’s community colleges, an average of $9.30 in benefits will be generated for society in Iowa. That’s pretty serious ‘bang for the buck’ – literally!

Everything we are about is making a meaningful difference in the lives of the people of eastern Iowa. We’re proud of our history, our excellence, and our distinct position in the community.  We invite you to learn more about all of our programs by visiting

Community Outreach – Some Quick Facts from EICC Continuing Education’s Impact

  • Economicimpact3In January 2017 alone, over 200 persons earned CEUs toward their professional certifications as EMTs and paramedics, with about 5,500 contact hours to EICC.
  • Provide health related certifications to over 75 different organizations covering our entire service area.
  • It has a positive affect on our future generations through training such as Childcare Development classes with over 300 students and 3,500 contact hours. Young people suffer during divorce and/or changes in parents relationships. Over 800 parents raising “children in the middle” have received over 3,600 hours of training to help them do this better. Again, these classes were held in each of our service areas and outreach centers.
  • Contract training has maintained momentum with training over 2,000 employees in over 60 companies resulting in over 20,000 hours of training in contract classes alone.
  • We manage several statewide grants including Highway Construction and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Highway construction is a career pathway program and resulted in an additional six students for our CDL program. A Waterloo program is starting soon. The MHSA grant trained 1,140 persons on safe mining.
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