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Brawn to Brains: Skills are the Future of Manufacturing

Take a walk around almost any modern manufacturing facility and you’ll see a very different work environment than you might expect. You’ll find a clean, well-lit facility that is focused on safety, precision and efficient productivity. They

Education Makes for More Career Options

Adam Sterner, 2014 MCC Graduate It’s great when you finish what you start . . . it’s even better when you finish much more.  That’s been the experience of Adam Sterner, a recent graduate of Muscatine Community

Career Training and Re-training

Your Success Begins With Eastern Iowa Community Colleges • One of the best things about being a student at a community college is going to college in YOUR community. It’s close, convenient, affordable, responsive to the local

Defining Information Technology: Keeping Up With a Moving Target

Computers have changed our world – they are present in virtually every facet of our lives and humming in the background of communications, entertainment, finance, government, health care, education . . . everywhere! Information Technology enables integration,