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The Economic Impact of Being THE Community’s College

Reaching Past Our Visible Boundaries Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is proud to be THE Community’s College for our students – those seeking degrees or other credentials and those simply pursuing lifelong learning for personal enrichment. We serve

Does College Matter?

Maybe you’re the first in your family to go to college.  Maybe you’re worried about the cost of tuition.  Or maybe you’re just not sure how successful you’ll be as a student. You might even think that

See Yourself in a Caring Profession?

Nursing and Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Programs Ask most of the people you know who have chosen a career in health care and they will tell you that the career chose them . . . not the

The Outlook for Jobs and the Value of a Degree

They are intrinsically linked – the desire for a better future and the power of an education to get you there. A better future can mean different things to different people: a well-paying job, a career they

Transportation Technology

Career opportunities, economic rewards, emerging technologies. Transportation technology has it all. The Transportation Technology programs at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges put you on track with some of today’s most promising careers. Transportation is the movement of goods and

Putting the Hire in Higher Education

When it comes to earning a college degree, most everyone wants assurance that there will be a viable, interesting career as a return on this investment—and that they’ll be prepared for career success. Key to making this

[Infographic] The Case for College

Even if a college education seems expensive, the pay-off is worth it!

Brawn to Brains: Skills are the Future of Manufacturing

Take a walk around almost any modern manufacturing facility and you’ll see a very different work environment than you might expect. You’ll find a clean, well-lit facility that is focused on safety, precision and efficient productivity. They

Defining Information Technology: Keeping Up With a Moving Target

Computers have changed our world – they are present in virtually every facet of our lives and humming in the background of communications, entertainment, finance, government, health care, education . . . everywhere! Information Technology enables integration,

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Your College, Your Community [infographic]