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Join Us for Summer Fun!

EICC Summer Camps for ages 3 to 17 Like most everyone in the Midwest, once the days get longer and temps start warming up, we’re thinking about SUMMER!  We’re excited to be offering our fourth year of

Are you ready? Upgrade your job skills at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

We have what you need: Programs in fields experiencing job growth Faculty and staff who care about your success Affordable tuition Flexible class options for students who are currently working One of the best things about being

Transfer is the Answer

Starting at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and then transferring to a four-year institution is a common strategy for students looking to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. And, there is growing evidence of more and more students considering the

Best Kept Secret: The Two-Year Story

Want to know a secret? More than 47% of college students in the United States now attend two-year colleges. These schools are becoming increasingly popular for students with all kinds of goals. Okay, so that’s not really

Six Keys to Succeeding in College

Start early. Perhaps the best way to prepare for success in college is to get started as early as possible with processes such as applying for aid and selecting the right courses. Plan ahead. To avoid stress

Invest in Your Future!

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Offers A to Z Career Choices Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) offers you programs that provide endless opportunities. These programs enable you to start your career after graduation – giving you the necessary

What it means to be THE Community’s College

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High Tech in Higher Education

One of our goals at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is to train the workforce not just for today, but for the future. That means being forward-thinking when it comes to our course offerings and our teaching facilities.

Make Summer Count!

Ah, summer.  A time to kick back, sleep in, close the books . . . or NOT!   Summer is a great time to learn with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. Summer Classes for College Credit With the

Take A Look at These NEW Programs

Agribusiness Equipment Technician (AET) This could be a case where bigger really is better!  We’re talking really big – like tractors, combines, and more.  A unique collaboration between the Muscatine Community College Agriculture program and Scott Community