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Happiest when you’re dissecting code or developing a database? Do you wear your geek badge with pride? Have a flair for visual creativity? Choose from a range of IT careers creating, maintaining and trouble shooting in the digital world.

Check out our IT and Graphic Design program videos at www.eicc.edu/vid-it and www.eicc.edu/vid-graphic

Graphic Arts

Information Technology – Programming and Networking

• Computer Programming

• Database Management

• Games and Simulation

• Web Development

• Networking

• Hardware/Help Desk Support

• Server Administration

• Security and Forensics

Possible Career Paths/National Median Salary

Computer Programmers $74,280

Computer Network Support Specialists $59,090

Computer User Support Specialists $46,420

Graphic Designers $44,150

Web Developers $62,500

Web Administrators $81,140

Database Administrators $77,080

Information Security Analysts $86,170

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