EICC Success Story: Pantelis Korovilas

“I Gained the Skills I Needed to Start Working Right Away in My Chosen Field” Pantelis Korovilas now hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts – near MIT. He is the Lead Product Designer for the iOS travel application known

[Infographic] EICC Student Checklist

We’re here to help you! Our staff and faculty our committed to your successful transition to college.  We can guide you through the application and registration process – answering your questions, helping you make decisions about your

EICC Success Story: Joe Gomez

“If I Could Do This, YOU Can Do This” Joe Gomez is the proud owner of his own business – a busy restaurant in Davenport with a growing reputation for fresh, flavorful authentic Mexican food. But, Joe’s

Build Your Personal Brand

Why do you need a personal brand you ask? “Developing your brand makes you a more valuable asset, whether to the company you work for, a potential employer, or your own enterprise,” says Dan Schawbel, author of

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Offer A to Z Career Choices

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EICC Success Story: Chris Ruggles

“It’s Important to Keep Growing and Learning” As a non-traditional student who grew up during the dawn of the digital age, working in Information Technology was something Chris Ruggles had considered but never attempted. “But I needed

EICC Success Story: Ashley Reynolds

“I Came Back for My Dream” Ashley Reynolds had a dream when she graduated from high school in 2000. “I was very excited about starting college as a Pre-Engineering major and wanted to work in a technical

EICC Success Story: Jarica Whitney

“I Gained the Foundation I Needed” Jarica Whitney was ready to test her limits. “I chose Nursing because I wanted to see what my limit was,” she says. “I chose EICC because I knew they had a

Area Youth can LEARN MORE at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Summer Camps!

Summer camp . . . the phrase calls up images and memories from our younger days. But we’ll venture to guess that most of us never had the chance to go to “Zombie Camp”, become a “Master